Imports from Ecuador – Jennifer Olmos

Imports from Ecuador. We will sell only earth-focused products, and nothing mass produced by machines. Our products will be handmade and take months of work to create. We plan to start with artisan jewelry that is earth-friendly and made only using sustainable material: tagua, coconut, hemp cord, etc. Tagua is an organic material, also known as vegetable ivory. It will be the main material used in our pieces because of its hard, durable texture. The end result are bold and colorful jewelry pieces. Once our jewelry section is established, we’d like to move onto selling handmade leather goods, such as shoes, purses, wallets, and backpacks. We plan to purchase raw hides from local farmers for our artists to work with. All leather goods will come only from ethically-sourced hides. Our third offering are handmade Paja Toquilla hats, better known as the Panama Hat. We plan to offer these in several colors and elegant styles. These are the main three products we are focused on offering, but there are others we eventually hope to bring on board.