Safira will take participants through a series of workshops and “hands on assistance” designed for beginners-to-intermediate entrepreneurs pursuing worldwide markets.

These interactive training events will engage participants from initial steps such as licensing, websites, social media and electronic transactions to advanced stages of shipping, currencies, negotiations and culture using as a live case study.

Events will showcase best practices that can take owners/operators of small firms to a global scale. Specialists from the US SBA, World Trade Center, a CPA, PhD candidate in entrepreneurial finance, an international marketing specialist and others will be invited to share insights on establishing viable transnational customer networks, enabling a much larger market for products,services and suppliers.

ABOUT SAFIRA SANDERS: Safira will share her wealth of experience from advanced marketing, NYC and LA connections, and how-to-do-it practices from her company Рgiving you insights from the backrooms and overseas contacts that spur international trade. Topics include: licensing, business structures, banking, website, marketing, shipping and risks. Learn how to find manufacturers, create samples, develop cultural currency, negotiate and make financing arrangements. Safira will demonstrate how a startup and small enterprise can access markets in 100 countries while sharing actual  terms and business policies.